How To Treat Lice

When we talk about “nits”, we’re only talking about the egg of a Head Lice. Head Lice are more commonly and professionally referred to as “Louse”. In short, Head lice use a glue-type substance to secure their eggs (nits) to the skull or other hair forming around the body. The egg is then attached to the skin’s surface. Each egg will be attached to an individual hair follicle with a glue-type substance that holds each egg firmly in place. If there is a lot of egg’s residing in the same area of the body, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them without using specialist products.

To grow correctly, nits need both heat and elevated humidity to grow and form. Unfortunately, both of these factors are commonly found around the hair follicles that the body has. The concept of killing nits is simple. If you remove either of the two factors needed to breed and grow, then nits will die almost immediately. Effective treatment and reduction of nits begins with removing both of these two factors from the body. With the correct products (usually purchased from high-street stores or pharmacies), you’ll be able to eliminate nits extremely quickly.

In order to completely be nit-free, you must ensure that all of the nits are removed from the body – or there is an extreme likelihood that the reproduction process will start all over again. Nits can be physically killed using fingers, but it’s always recommended to use controlled substances purchased from a pharmacy – as these products are typically much more effective.